We energize innovation

Fuel management is more than a sound business objective. It influences business growth, mobility and promotes sustainability. Roseman pledges to optimize Energy management to benefit clients, users, and communities by innovating and introducing new and inspiring global standards.

Founded in 1978, Rosman is one of the global market leaders in the fueling systems sector that has been redefining and innovating the industry for five decades.

With more than 9000 clients all over the globe, we develop and deliver robust solutions with tangible added value

We assist Fleet managers in improving efficiency, sustainability, and transparency, and reducing expenses.

We ensure fuel station income and profit and help to create a secured and successful customer experience.

We provide HomeBase managers with comprehensive solutions that help to enhance performance.

We contribute to our partner’s business and client’s relation by delivering an innovative and cost-effective solution.

Inspiration fuels us

Roseman’s Solutions is leading the industry since its foundation in 1979, thanks to our innovation, excellence, and ongoing dialog with clients. Our range of solutions includes:

Fuel, Fleet and HomeBase Management solutions

Enabling up to 20% reduction of fuel expenses by monitoring all data and presenting comprehensive updated information at your fingertips.

Retail fuel Automation Solutions

That increase business performance and customer satisfaction, create a robust database and minimise loss caused by malfunction or malice.

Onsite fueling solutions

Enabling flexibility, Prompt response, Optimal energy use and Tangible cost reduction

EV fleet management solutions

Assisting in managing the transition to sustainable energy consumption