Fuel and fleet management is one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in the entire organization, and includes:

  • Performing logistic tasks that span distances
  • Managing high fuel expenses (50%-80% of the fleet’s expenses are for fuel)
  • Responsibility for maintenance and security
  • And of course, managing drivers is not an easy task

Over our many years of operations, Roseman addresses the challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles and has developed a system that is the right hand of fleet managers, a system that will make both the CEO and CFO of the organization happy. (The system is also designed to manage gas stations)


  • Concentration of data and enables full control of all fleet vehicles
  • Control and monitoring of the consumption of every drop of fuel in every vehicle within the organization – proven savings of up to 20% in fuel costs, and elimination of the “fuel theft” phenomenon
  • Supervision of commercial agreements and limitation of quantities with gas stations
  • Supervision of every vehicle’s fueling activities – vehicle identification, limitation of fuel amount, travel data, etc.
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles on a map, and restoring routes of drivers or vehicles
  • Real-time tracking of all fuel movements in the organization using built-in reports and various analytics
  • Full API interface that allows the import and export of data from the system 24/7
  • The system is offered as a service on the cloud (Microsoft Azure), making it accessible from anywhere and eliminating the need for installation on company computers
  • Permissions system allows companies to define and limit system users
  • Maximum security and encryption levels that meet the strictest standards

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