• 1978: Yechiel Roseman, then a young engineer, and his wife Bruria established Roseman Engineering. They were the only two employees, working from their home in Ramat Gan, Israel.
  • 1980: Following a request from Egged, Roseman develops an innovative controller for inhouse gas station systems. For the first time in the world, Roseman Engineering develops and implements a system that allows fueling only in authorized vehicles. The innovative controller recognizes that a fuel nozzle enters the fuel inlet and ensures that fuel flow stops as soon as the nozzle is removed. In addition, the system has a unique ability to read mileage; a first step for fleet management.
  • 1988: Roseman implements the controller, which has been improved and named RFC 2000, in inhouse fuel stations in kibbutzim and farms.
    The innovative initiative is encouraged by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.
  • 1992: Revolution – the Pazomat (VID) is born. For the first time in the world, Roseman’s technology is deployed as an acceptable payment
    method for an entire country. The move completely changed the way companies and organizations manage their fuel economy.
  • 1994: Technology meets history. Roseman settles in the Geva Studios building in Givatayim. Geva Studios were Israel’s mythological film studios.
  • 1997: The RFC 3000 era begins and we move online. Roseman develops an infrastructure to authorize Pazomat transactions in real time according to logical and business practices. At that time, even credit cards didn’t have online authorization yet.
  • 1997-9: Roseman starts exporting their big breakthrough to Brazil and Turkey with the local supplier of BP.
  • 2002-8: Activity expands to the US and India. Roseman begins its cooperation with American giant, Asset Works, and the largest Indian fuel company in the world, IOCL.
  • 2011: Roseman leaves Geva Studios and starts a new future in Kiryat Atidim in Tel Aviv.
  • 2013: Roseman develops an interactive app for vehicle fleet management.
  • 2015: The era of the universal standard begins. Roseman is developing a new product.
  • 2017: Roseman starts to develop a system for vehicle fleet management that integrates data for management optimization.
  • 2019: The advanced system for vehicle fleet management is launched.