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Roseman enjoys an extensive network of global partners that introduce our solutions to local clients and create long-lasting relationships with them. We rely on our partners’ knowledge, expertise, and professional network in their local markets. We assist them by providing a robust infrastructure to provide their clients with top-of-the-line, tailor-made solutions.

Our partners enjoy:

An international reputation for providing top of the line solutions for fleets, gas station and home base stations

A robust distribution infrastructure that ensures that the clients’ needs and expectations are met.

Professional marketing and sales team with a hands-on approach

Back office services

A professional support team available at all times

Succeeding together

We know that your local expertise and network, together with our knowledge and excellence, can seal the deal and are happy to provide you with valuable advice, services, and assistance at all times. Our partners enjoy inclusive marketing support, including:

We assist Fleet managers in improving efficiency, sustainability, and transparency, and reducing expenses.

Local and international benchmark to assure your clients that they get the best solutions

Reference to our local clients that can share their experience working with us

Advice and assistance in forming an attractive sales peach and offer

Ongoing support services from our experts at all times

Becoming a partner for success

We are looking for local and regional partners that can benefit from our solutions and expand their services to their existing and prospective clients. If you have a network of clients, including fleet managers or gas station solution providers, contact us, and we will be happy to explore ways to cooperate.

Our Global Partners

Becoming a partner for success

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