We energize sustainability

Energy consumption is a core issue addressed by companies operating fleets. We at Roseman assist our clients in using energy resources wisely and promoting sustainability.

Although our solutions help reduce energy consumption daily, we endeavor to form attractive alternatives for fleets that will save money, energy, and the planet on the one hand and contribute to fleet performance.

EV Energizer – Managing the transition to EV fleets

we are committed to assisting its clients in their efforts to integrate EVs into their fleets. We developed an integrative solution enabling you to:

Overcome the challenges arising from the assimilation of EVsinto the existing fleets

Access crucial insights regarding the EV contribution and special needs

Maintain and optimize workflow and budget

Prioritizing the fleet’s tasks and resources

Our solution uses AI and IoT to create protocols based on scaling and prioritizing energy consumption by the EV integrated into your fleet:

We schedule ample scale charging during low consumption periods such as nighttime and weekends
The EV energizer prioritizes charging of first response and executive vehicles to ensure availability and performance

All EVs are monitored at all times and charged accordingly.

Accessing data and insights in real-time.

The EV Energizer solution is fully integrated with our fleet management solution suite. It allows you to get EV consumption and performance data and compare it to the fleet’s performance. The insights then serve as an effective tool on your way to incorporating other sustainable solutions.

Integrating renewable energy solutions

Numerous corporations choose to integrate renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind energy. Our solution can integrate energy generated autonomously for the fleets’ energy consumption.

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